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Schock Metall Urbach

reinventing motion


Linear guide for adjustable centre armrest

Schock linear guide assembly

The more adjustment options there are around the car seat, the easier it is to find an ideal seating position. In the new Renault Clio, the longitudinally adjustable centre armrest between the front seats contributes to this. Schock Metall manufactures the armrest slide in a special design as a linear guide assembly. It is characterised by a precisely defined linear movement and a noticeable engagement in the front and rear end positions.


To realize these special “Motion Control” running characteristics, Schock Metall integrated a patented friction brake developed in-house into an existing linear slide geometry. It is used to achieve a controlled movement with defined running resistance along the entire travel path. This task was solved with a mechanical device that fits exactly into the profile cross-section of the ball bearing slide. This absorbs both the friction forces in the longitudinal adjustment and the detent forces in the respective end positions. To transfer the running characteristic optimally, two guides each are fixed on a plate and supplied as a ready-to-install unit. This also makes it possible to shorten the assembly time.