Schock Metal Urbach

reinventing motion


Load ratings

Vertically mounted Schock telescopic slides have ball tracks arranged one above the other. This particular design makes them particularly resistant to warping while at the same time significantly increasing the durability and load capacity of the slides.
Generally, Schock telescopic slides can also be mounted horizontally. The load capacities are much lower than for vertically mounted slides and are, moreover, influenced by the respective conditions of installation and operation.

Schock telescopic slides demonstrate impressive load capacities coupled with small space requirements and a long service life.

The dynamic load capacity relates to 10,000 and / or 100,000 cycles. One cycle corresponds to one opening and closing movement. The specifications are based on internal tests according to DIN EN 15338 and can be proven within the project under the required effective operating conditions.

Generally, the static and dynamic load capacity of a telescopic slide is influenced by the following factors:

  • Method of installation (vertical or horizontal)
  • Slide length
  • Travel
  • Number of cycles
  • Material
  • Fixing strategy